Certified ISO

Certified ISO

Certified ISO

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  • 24 h Service Emergency Repair

Certified ISO

Certified ISO

Certified ISO


24h Emergency

Rapid Reaction Team on site within 48 hours.
Whenever, available 24 hours a day, 365 years day round.


MA.PI owns the required equipment for most demolition works in the industries we serve.

Dry Out

An appropriate castable dry out process is the last step in ensuring that a refractory installation works with total guarantee and without the risk of cracks or explosions.


If you need energency repairs, we have a large inventory of refractory products in the North Italy including bricks, castable, plastic, ceramic fiber and other high temperature products, so we can get your equipment up and running quiclky.


Our scaffolding teams are strong and committed so we offer 24/7 services to meet the clients standard needs.All operations are carried out to industry recognized safety, customs and practices.

Estimates and Inspections

If you’re evaluating construction, repair or maintenance costs, we will be glad  to provide you with a budget estimate or solid cost quote.

Turn-Key Installation

The keys to a successful turn-key installation project are proper planning, high-quality materials, an experienced construction crew, a safe job site, and attention to detail.


For more than a decade, MA.PI has been a well-known refractory supplier to a variety of organisations performing all types of refractory work.

Maintenance and Repairs

Maintaining your heat processing equipment prevents the failures that can damage your equipment, create safety hazards or completely shutdown your operation.